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Platform: PC
Availability: In Stock
Release Date:2013.11.12

Note: Requires XCOM: Enemy Unknown to play

An expansion pack, XCOM: Enemy Within, Like the numerous expansions of the Civilization series the pack retains the core storyline but adds a broad variety of content:

A new resource, called "Meld", is introduced. XCOM operatives will be forced to advance swiftly in order to secure Meld canisters with delay-activated self-destruct systems. Meld is required for newly introduced XCOM transhuman technologies.
Alien robotic units have gained an increase in effectiveness, as well as two new designs. The Seeker is an airborne machine with a cloaking device and a strangle attack, and the unit has an innovative AI that focuses on seeking out separated XCOM troopers. The Sectoids, on the other hand, get a new lease of life with the Mechtoid, a Sectoid implanted into a large, heavily armed suit of powered armor.
Alien autopsies and Meld allow XCOM scientists to modify operatives of existing classes to give them superhuman abilities, e.g. leap several stories, sense nearby enemies, or a backup heart. Alternatively, the autopsy of the Mechtoid allows operatives to be modified into the brand-new class MEC Trooper, which is the XCOM's answer to the Mechtoid, equipped with a variety of abilities and heavy weapons. Conversely, XCOM's more basic S.H.I.V. robots receive upgrades as well.
A new enemy faction is introduced, EXALT. A covert paramilitary group, EXALT seek to embrace the aliens' technologies and outlast their invasion in order to rule the world afterwards, and XCOM stands in their way, so they use a variety of underhanded tactics to sabotage the player's war effort. The player is actually not obliged to actively engage them, and they will not seek open combat either; to root out their cells around the world, the player would have to perform Intel Scans and send soldiers on Covert Missions.[93] When forced to fight XCOM head-on, EXALT deploys troops that mirror those of XCOM, with the same combat roles, squad tactics and escalation in armament.
Operation Progeny, originally scheduled to be released as a separate DLC, is included.
Thanks to collating localization voice files, XCOM soldiers can now be customized to speak in one of several languages.
Over 30 new maps are added and the old ones have been reworked.

Operating system:Windows Vista or Windows 7
CPU:2 GHz dual core or better 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Hard drive space:20 GB hard drive space
Graphics hardware:NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 
Sound hardware DirectX compatible sound card

Operating system:Windows Vista or Windows 7
CPU:2.4 GHz dual core or better
Memory:4 GB RAM
Hard drive space:20 GB hard drive space
Graphics hardware:NVIDIA GeForce 9000 series or ATI Radeon HD 3000 series
Sound hardware DirectX compatible sound card