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Platform: PC
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Release Date: 2014
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Prey 2, the sequel to the award-winning 2006 game, is an open world sci-fi shooter about a Marshall, Killian Samuels, who is abducted by a cruel race of aliens. Playing as Killian, you find yourself marooned on an alien planet called Exodus. While working as a bounty hunter, you uncover a plot that threatens your home world and it’s up to you to take action.



An immersive FPS that delivers the thrill of the hunt in a dangerous futuristic, alien world.
Unique weapons, hi-tech alien gadgets, and special abilities with a deep upgrade and reward system.
An Action Chaining mechanic that rewards players for using creative and risky combat maneuvers while pursuing their prey.
The Agile Combat System take FPS combat to a new level of speed and fluidity by allowing players to quickly sliding into cover, leap barriers, and blind fire from cover.
Open-world game play and dynamic missions that change in response to player choices.

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