Pirates of the Burning Sea 30 Day Game Time Card (US Only)
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea 30 Day Game Time Card (US Only)
  • (RPG)
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  • Release Date:
  • 05/07/2013
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  • $16.99
  • Points: 16.99
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  • 8
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  • Genres:RPG
  • Publisher:Sony Online Entertainment
  • Developer:Flying Lab Software
  • Languages:English
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Pirates of the Burning Sea is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) featuring high seas action and adventure in a world of pirates and plunder. Set against the backdrop of the New World of the 18th Century, players can choose one of three nations, England, France or Spain, or choose the role of a Pirate and battle it out for glory and power. 

Virtual buccaneers can engage in fierce ship to ship combat in real time, complete with the roar of cannon fire and the crunch of timber as masts and hulls are shattered, sending enemies to the bottom of the briny deep or helpless and ripe for looting. Pirates of the Burning Sea also allows players to choose one of three fighting styles, classic Fencing, the flashy dual-wielding Florentine or treacherous Dirty Fighting, and engage in intense one melee combat in one on one duels, as well as boarding and taking control of enemy vessels.

For further information please view official website: http://www.burningsea.com/.


Windows® XP/Vista
Core Duo 2.0 Ghz or greater
1024 MB RAM
DirectX 9 Compatible video card. NVIDIA® GeforceTM 6600, ATI® X850, or equivalent with 256MB of texture memory
DirectSound compatible audio hardware
Broadband Internet Connection
4GB Hard Drive Space