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As one of the hottest CD key seller among virtual CD keys market, Hotcdkey announced it will change a new face in Jan 5th ,2013 with all staffs' efforts. Now, it claims that the revision had already got successfully after serval testings.

According to Hotcdkey's CEO, MR. Kevin told us. The website entire structure is modified, even color and frame. New version place more importance on user experience. At the same time, they will held 3 activities when new look is on, players can enjoy diablo 3 cd key, wow keys, guild wars 2 cd key and so force with discount price.

Here's the details of three activities:

First. As a new look, maybe there's some bugs unavoidable, if fans can find out them/it, Hotcdkey team would send you CD key vouchers. Once they receive customas' feedback, one bug would give $1 as a gift. This special event would give fans a new face and new chance.

Second. To attract more fans, Hocdkey will send new register a "5% coupon". Once log in it after join successfully, this discount coupon would be with immediate effect, you can use it whenever purchasing at Hotcdkey.

Third. If players help to promote Hotcdkey's new face via Affiliate, you will get definite cash from Hotcdkey. You can use these money to purchase any CD keys you want, including the hot sellers swtor 60day card and Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm CD Key. The more promotion, the more cash you can win.

"It's amazing! What a beautiful site, I will refer it to all of my wow friends. " An invited testing fan named Monica shared her mood to Hotcdkey call center. Actually, Hotcdkey received various good reputation after its new feature come out, and most of them were sent by wow cdkey buyers. Beautiful design not merely states as a vase, but also makes a great improvement to website's traffic and sales.

"January is the beginning of a year, we will release its new look in Jan 5th ,2013. It also means Hotcdkey would give fans a new beginning." said Kevin. ""Continuous innovation, continuous improvement, is that we always adhere to the idea, we will do our best to satisfy customers' requirements."

You can find the changes once you log in at Hotcdkey.com.


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