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The Xbox Live Marketplace of Microsoft and the Wii Shop Channel of Nintendo DSi Shop deal with their own particular currencies.  The purchases are done with the local currency of the users. On the other hand, there is a wallet system in the PlayStation store as the fund is appended with the wallet of the users.  The funds are available in denominations or there is the selected amount and it is scanned by the cost of the current transaction. It is to be debited from the existing fund from the account of the wallet when the users deal with a purchase. The users can append the funds to their wallet in the different ways. The most general way is the debit or the credit card. However, the user can make the purchases with PlayStation Network Card in many regions around the world. There are the tickets that are fixed in the denominations from the different retailers in the video gaming shops or the supermarket.  The online retailers also offer the PSN card in the diverse denominations as well.

You can redeem your PlayStation Network Card when you place your twelve digit code in the account of the PlayStation store. PSN cards are the types of virtual funds and these are acting as the substitute of the credit cards. Buy PlayStation Cards as these are available in the different denominations. These are obtainable in $50, $20, or $10. You can buy these cards from the local stores or from the online gaming shops. These cards help you buy the digital contents including the video games from the PlayStation Store under your PlayStation Network. As you transfer the fund to the wallet of your Play Station Network, you can be able to make the purchases. Sign into your PlayStation Network account. You are to insert the name along with the password with the help of PlayStation3 controller.  You are to press the triangle and the drop down menu will appear. Now choose the Account Management option.

Based on the account management option, you are to choose ‘add funds'. You will have a keyboard menu. Try to find out the twelve digit code being available on the back site of the PSN card. With the PS3 controller, just insert the twelve digit code to withdraw the fund and activate your PlayStation Network Card. The gamers of PS3 buy; download as well as install the products from the store of the PlayStation. The gamers can buy these digital contents from the balance of their wallet. 

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