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  1. Description: In a genuine brand new Watch Dogs CD Key for Uplay, you get an activation code that needs to be entered in the Ubisoft official site to get full access to the game. You can get the download from Uplay software for free from the Ubisoft website. You just enter the CD key in Uplay client, and you can get full digital download of the game.
  3. Release Date: The game is not out yet and is set to release in May 2014. Usually the Watch Dogs CD Key will be made available before the release of the game as early as 24 hours.
  5. A little insight:
  7. It is all done with swipe of the finger. You buy latest gears and gadgets, get connected with friends. You can check the activities in the world with simple swipe; leave a digital trail to your connections, to track your moves and milestones, likes and dislikes. Since all major cities are networked today with advanced operating systems, this Watch Dog system is called Central Operating System (CTOS).
  9. You enjoy the game as a role player of Aden Pearce who seeks justice for his family tragedy in the past with his own terms and conditions by having control over the city’s technology through manipulation of this CTOS, since he is a former thug and hacker.
  11. Highlighting Key Features:
  13. Hacking the City- You can easily stimulate the city’s networking system with your real-time controls, stimulate traffic lights and also escape your enemies through transport system controlling.
  15. Street Justice- Experience wild shootouts or pick up street fights by choosing to live in innermost areas of the city to best revenge your enemies. Get access to 30 traditional weapons and use them to your advantage.
  17. High Octane Driving- Ubisoft Reflections which is acknowledged for a driving series is partenered with Ubisoft for this game’s thriller driving experience to get you state of the art physics and control handling to explore the city.
  19. Dynamic Navigation and Graphics- Disrupt, the all-new game engine dedicated to Watch_Dogs gives you quality graphics and rich visual effects with exclusive navigation options to have complete control over the city.
  21. Endless Multiplayer Experience- You can connect with other, cooperate or confront with players while discovering new levels of the game. It gives you direct link to multiplayer game and needs no loading or menus but instant action plan.
  23. Stay Connected Anywhere- The game lets you play even away from home and stay connected to your friends with experience of real-time companion game.

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