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Instant delivery
We promise that once you bought the key which is in stock ,we will deliver it within 10 mintues.

24/7 Customer Service
In order to make sure that all our worldwide transactions and needs are effectively handled,our customer service teams running on shifts to service you.For the unforeseen problems, our customer service will also handle it for you in time .

Product Variety
Our beliefs are to give our customers a one-stop through continuously expanding our product varieties and availability.

Payment Diversification
we will keep on striving to provide regionally localized payment methods to further give our customers an enhanced shopping freedom.

Easily Check Out And Digital Delivery
To enhance your shopping experience, our site is specifically designed to give you a seamless checkout system and instant delivery on digital products. Be assured that we will continually upgrade our services to provide all our customers with the best shopping experience.

Shopping Conveniently
No need to pause the game ,you still can buy the game telated products. We provide digital products online delivery wide variety of payment methods to make sure you can get the game cd key without going out .

Disount And Promotions
We held promotional activities throughout the year to make sure all our customers can get to enjoy the special discount that we provide . We aim to enhance customer shopping and gaming experience by giving extra costs and savings products.


The more you buy, the more you will save. We will also give disount card to our VIP customers irregularly.

How Safe Is Your Information With Us?
We have been careful to deal with your information and ensure their safety. Protect you and your personal information safety is our first priority consideration. In addition, we also continue to study other methods to ensure that your registration information is safe.

No Hidden Charges
Here, you can be certain that all you need to pay are included in the final amount. Be rest assured that there will be no any hidden fees. What you see is what you pay.

Anti-Spamming Policy
We advocate a clean environment where gamers come together and enjoy the game, which is why we stand firm on our 'No Spamming' policy. We does not condone either perform in-game spamming messages, nor through automated Bots or any 3rd party claiming to be a representative of us. If you received any in-game messages from "US", it is highly possible that it may be from unscrupulous individuals or scammers. Please always ignore and report these characters to GM.

Protect Your Investment,Game Safely
As you had invested substantial amount of time on your game account, Hotcdkey strongly advise our valued customers to take additional precautions on potential scammers or phishing sites that pretends to be us and defraud you from your game account. Be sure to avoid any 3rd party personnel that claims to be Allcdkey, or links that does not direct you back to Hotcdkey.com.Hotcdkey will never ask for your password or personal information about your game account.