• FAQs
  • Credit Card Payment Problem

1. Incomplete information, error or premature payment termination.

Because of the above reasons, banks are unable or refuse to charge. If payment is declined make sure that the name and address you enter is exactly the same as that for your credit card. It may help to refer to a credit card statement to ensure the address is the one the credit card company has on file.

2. If payment is not declined,

but automatic log-in fails, please check your Email. If confirmation of your order has arrived, then all is well.

3.  Unauthorized transactions.

The card Consumers use is 3D card and you forget to fill in 3D verification code. Therefore, the system will be sentenced for unauthorized transactions and the charge is refused.

4.  Black cards, stolen cards, copy cards.

If your cards are determined as the black card, copy card, and other illegal card, the system will refuse to charge.

5. The card balance is insufficient or cards have expired.

The cards you use exceed credit limit or period of validity.

6. Risky areas payment.

Your IPs is judged from high-risk areas by the international credit organizations, thus the transactions are considered as high-risk transactions and the system refuse to charge. Such as: Iraq.

7. Cross-border and trans-regional transactions and payments.

The cards you use are not local cards. Therefore, you are suspected of using stolen cards. In this case, the system will rate them as high-risk transactions and refuse to charge.

8. Network problems.

When you pay, slow network speed, other network problems, repeated refreshment of pages will lead to multiple payment submission of application or the failure to receive payment and so on.

9. The same IP payments within a short period or repeated payment.

Consumers who pay many times via the same IP within a short time will be suspected of cash, money laundering, fraud and other illegal acts. Charge is rejected by the system.

10. Single payment limit is too high.

Single payment exceeds single payment limit or the limit system sets.

11. Bad transaction records.

The cards you use to pay have poor transaction records, therefore the system refuses to pay.

12.  Issuers refuse to charge.

Your card issuing bank declines to charge, you need to contact your bank for the reasons of denial.