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Below is a list of definitions for the terms used when buying:

Add to cart 

Products that can be added to cart will be delivered well within the ETA stated. Usually we could deliver within 15 mins.


Pre-orders are open for games products that are about to launch, depending on the availability of the product pre-orders opening dates will vary.

Out of stock 

In the event that our suppliers have discontinued providing services for a particular game, it will be listed as out of stock. Please do check back within 48 hours for updates on the product status.

After sales service 

In the event that your CD Keys/Game Points are un-readable or returns an error message please:

     · Check if the codes are entered in the correct URL. If you are unsure click on the Product Image to locate the registration or top-up link.

     · Retry the codes in a different combinations as some letters and numbers are sometimes printed in a similar fashion i.e 1 (one) may look like an l (lower case L).

     · In the case of time cards or game points, if you receive the error that the time card or game point has been used, check if your subscription has been updated via your game account billing information page.

If an error still persists please login to the CDkey Problem Submission Page. Fill out the selection field and submit the form. All complaints and feedbacks are treated on case basis and a response will be received within 24 hours.

Important when e-mailing an issue please include:

      · The images are saved in .jpg format.

      · Screenshot 1 must contain an image of the Game website URL and the Error message received.

      · Screenshot 2 must contain an image of the the code(s).

With this information provided we can resolve your issues at a faster pace.