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Are you a lover of MMORPG? If yes, you can choose Knights Online to play. Knights Online hits the world of online game as a popular and free MMORPG. It has all those features that established it as a favorite MMORPG of many online gamers.

What Makes Knights Online A Popular MMORPG?
The play comes with several unique features that help it to be counted in the list of top MMORPGs. It meets all the requirements that make a MMORPG attractive to the gamers. From fantastic character customization to 3D, sound to big community, Knights Online has everything. The game play is also surprisingly good and if you seek for a perfect role playing game, Knights Online would be the best choice for you.

Knights Online and Its Character Customization
At the beginning of the game you are free to choose your character. There are several characters waiting for you in the game and you can be any one of them according to your choice. The next step after choosing the character is of deciding the classes. There are four classes like the priests, the mage, the warrior, and the barbarian.

Knights Online has two races and the entire play is based upon the ongoing war between these two races. You can join any one as you like, and take part in the battle to defeat the opponent. The interesting part of the game is that it will keep you involved in its engrossing game play. And you will feel the essence of medieval battles by being one of the characters taking part in the battlefield.

You will win rewards, cash, and even the title of knights by defeating the opponent. You can also be the lord of your place and rule it if you can win the battle. Hence the game play is perfect to make you feel the touch of medieval world by its characters. So choose your role or character and get into the world of Knights Online.

Knights Online and Its Interface
Another interesting feature of Knights Online is its innovative interface. The interface supports several angles like the first and third camera angles. It also supports the second camera angle. If you want something new, this interface of Knights Online will end up your searches. However, it is also a truth that the interface has a few annoying features like the cursor is found reluctant to hit enemies and the awkward battle interface. But these limitations do not have any impact on the overall impression of the game play.

How Is The Graphic Of Knights Online?
Though Knights Online does not offer astonishing graphics, but still it will win the favor of the gamers by its 3D. It runs smoothly with good effects for magic.

Knights Online and PvP
It would be an injustice with Knights Online if its PvP features are left to mention. The game has wonderful PvP and it is also one of the many reasons that online gamers love to play Knights Online.