Cherry Credits Game Card 5000CC
  • Cherry Credits Game Card 5000CC
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What is Cherry Credits?

1 Cherry Credits, Over 200 Games! Cherry Credits or CC is an easy and secure payment gateway to over hundreds of online games' credits globally!
Cherry Credits Pte Ltd. is a Global Micropayment Solution Provider, is offering the world's first Unified Global Virtual Credits (UGVC), Cherry Credits!

What can you use Cherry Credits for?

Cherry Credits, or CC, is the global virtual credits which you can use to make purchases online via Cherry Exchange or directly through our Merchants.
Why use Cherry Credits instead of Credit Cards?
With Cherry Credits you can now shop online without credit cards or bank accesses. You will also enjoy a secure transaction experience without having to share your confidential information online!

Not every shopper has a credit card to make purchases online. Addressing the rising security concerns with the usage of credit cards to shop online, Cherry Credits provides an alternate payment solution for consumers of all ages to make secure transactions.

Are Cherry Credits Services free to use?

Yes, Cherry Credits online facilities and services are absolutely FREE! There is no hidden or additional cost in our service to you.

What is Cherry Exchange?

A Cherry Exchange is your personal "electronic wallet" you create to hold Cherry Credits. Cherry Exchange is also the portal where you perform transactions including CC Top-Up, online purchases and credits or items redemption.

Cherry Exchange represents both your account as well as the service portal itself.

How do I register for Cherry Exchange?

Go to and click on "Register Me Now!" button. Follow the simple steps as shown in the registration page to create your Cherry Exchange. Registration is FREE!

Am I eligible to register for Cherry Exchange?

Anyone above the minimum age of 5 can sign up for Cherry Exchange. Simply fill in some fields in our registration form and you''ll have the access to more funs and wows!

For U.S. residents, you must be age 13 and above to register for Cherry Exchange. If you are below the age of 13, kindly seek parental or guardian consent before registering with Cherry Credits. Cherry Credits will not be held responsible for any users or accounts which contain falsified information.

Cherry Credits (Global) Game Card