Granado Espada (SEA) 17500 G-Points
  • Granado Espada (SEA) 17500 G-Points
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  • $9.75
  • Points: 9.75
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  • 1
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  • Genres:Other
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Reload Guide:

  1. Login to your IAHGames Passport.

  2. Click on "Top up iWallet" and select "Top up now" button under "IAHGames iCash Code".

  3. Enter the Code (Eg: 123456789012345) and Password (Eg: 123456), then choose the game zone that you wish to top-up.

  4. The system will list down all relevant information for submission. If the contents are correct, click on "Submit" to validate your details. If you wish to modify any information, click on "Previous" tab.

  5. Please ensure all information are accurate before submission.

  6. Click on "Buy Game Credits" tab and select "Buy" under "Granado Espada".

  7. Select "Buy" button under "iWallet".

  8. Choose the desired value and click on "Buy" tab.

  9. Select the "Submit" tab, if all information provided are correct.


Important Note :Must be fully converted to get the in-game points.

Granado Espada (SEA) iCash 17500 G-Points